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Saaral Heart Center

Locally Owned & Operated

In 2012, Dr.Rakesh Kathiriya introduced a non-invasive heart blockage reversal treatment.

Since then, he has been treating heart patients in surat by practising non-invasive FDA and American heart association approved EECP treatment. Now Saaral heart center has 3 branches in Gujarat. Saaral therapy also comprises lifestyle modification, an oil-free diet and chelation therapy along with EECP treatment. In addition, for patients from out of the town or nation, an accommodation facility is also provided.

The method is a combination of Medical (Allopathic) Treatment along with the training of Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Education about Heart Disease and Dietary Management. The combination is so perfect that not only can it prevent coronary heart disease but it can also reverse the blockages in the arteries.

Considering the fact that introducing the new concept of medical treatment of major life-risk diseases and convincing people was difficult initially. It takes a lot of effort and a long-term process. However, as time passes, Dr.Rakesh Kathiriya and his supportive wife have managed to spread the awareness. From then to the date, Saaral has treated numerous critical health

Saaral Heart Center


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Saaral Heart Center

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