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Every June, during the Airport Appreciation Day, aviation enthusiasts come to the airport to educate and involve the public in all things aviation. The event is hosted by the members of the Experimental Aircraft Association, or EAA #608 and is, in part, to get children and the local community excited about airplanes and piloting. The Western Nebraska Regional Airport is proud to see the community take part in aviation and get involved, and to uncover the seldom seen parts of everyday life at the airport. 


This is an exciting event for young and old, where anyone can take part. During the event, many EAA Members from the surrounding area bring their personal experimental airplanes out for display. Scottsbluff’s Air Link and associated emergency aircrafts will also join the event for tours and to show off their exciting life-saving flying machines. Children ages eight to seventeen are especially lucky, as they are given a chance to fly - free of charge - in a general aviation airplane, as part of their Young Eagles Program.

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