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We at Western Nebraska Regional Airport are proud to be known as the “Scottsbluff Airport.” Always striving to provide the highest standards of customer service, convenience, and cleanliness in all of our facilities. Our mission is to serve Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming with the safest possible air service and to help spur economic growth in our business community for our neighbors.

Our history starts during WWII when the U.S. Army Air Forces operated a satellite airfield at this site. In the Fall of 1942, twenty-eight farms were purchased for the new airfield’s construction. Some 600,000 cubic yards of concrete for three runways was poured forty-five days. There were approximately 108 buildings on the grounds including barracks, mess halls, officers’ quarters, warehouses, a hangar, a camouflage interaction building, and a bombsight storage building.

Today, our airport covers 1,806 acres, has two runways, and thousands of flights every year.  We indulge in the comforts of Italian food, wifi, easy parking and short lines, as well as state of the art flights. Western Nebraska Regional Airport is now part of the modern fabric of this community. We would like to thank you for flying with us all across the world. 

Image by Jan Rojas


To check the status of a flight, please go to United Airlines for up-to-date information. 


We can't talk about the Western Nebraska Regional Airport without mentioning the caring and customer service driven businesses below. This airport is about community, and you will get that sense with everyone you interact with, from your car rental to your diner. Please select the businesses below to learn more about their services.

Image by Jason Leung

Operated by SkyWest, we are proud to offer 2 passenger flights daily (weekdays) to Denver, CO and beyond!

Image by Alex Duffy

Western Nebraska-based engineering firm that offers a wide range of engineering, environmental, and industrial services. 

Image by Jakub Kapusnak
Roma Logo.png

Authentic Italian food right at the airport. Find your favorite pastas, pizza, and wine.

Image by Greg Rosenke
Robbins Aviation.png

Providing flight training, aircraft/flight department management and aircraft sales and acquisition.

Car Dealer

Car, truck and SUV rentals available at the Airport. Vehicle purchase also available!

Image by Balazs Busznyak

Valley Airways

   Best Quick Turns in the West   

Flight training, aircraft fueling, and support for all air travelers. Proud provider of Phillips 66 brand aviation fuels and lubricants.

Image by Greg Rosenke
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

“Crop dusting” for crops & pastures using GPS technology. Timely service and convenient scheduling.

Image by Balazs Busznyak
Image by Nikolas Noonan

Denver Airport

Our airport has a simple and easy layout. However, we understand that you might be hitching a ride to another airport. Below you will find a couple resources to help you navigate the Denver Airport.


To be as useful and convenient as possible to our community, we also offer a number of additional services. 

  • FedEx Dropbox

  • Public Restrooms

  • ATM

  • Conference Rooms

  • Free Parking

  • Free WiFi

BFF Flight Information

With FlightAware you can see real-time, historical, and predictive flight data as well as real-time weather, airport diagrams, and other airport data.



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