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Emergency Response Training Exercise

On May 21st, 2024, a significant number of local first responders engaged in a mass casualty exercise right here at our airport. Various agencies including Boy Scouts of America, Scottsbluff Rural, Minatare/Melbeta, Yoder, and Banner County Fire Departments, along with Regional West Emergency Department, Airlink, Western Nebraska Regional Airport ARFF, and Regional West EMS actively participated.

The exercise involved 93 participants and focused on both firefighting tactics and EMS response strategies. Patients were promptly assessed and categorized according to the severity of their injuries, facilitating efficient triage management.

The scenario included a simulated plane crash, with a substantial debris pile set ablaze on the airport's west side, generating a distinct column of smoke. Meanwhile, victims were situated within a nearby school bus, replicating the aircraft fuselage.

Stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to safety and preparedness at Western Nebraska Regional Airport!


Western Nebraska Regional Airport hosts one of the largest mock-emergency events in the region as a way of demonstrating our dedication to our communities' safety. As we pride ourselves on our emergency preparedness, we bring together departments from the surrounding areas including Gering, Scottsbluff, and Terrytown on a consistent basis to participate in "worst case scenarios."


During this one-day intensive training, our people and departments are able to practice, perfect, and show off their skills in order to be ready for the real deal, should it ever be needed. As you scroll down, you will see in the following pictures examples of our people at work.


Scottsbluff Fire Department, Scottsbluff Rural Fire, Gering Fire Department, Valley Ambulance, Regional West Air Link, Andrew Smith with Adventure Photography, and everyone that participated.

Carrisa Schank
Walter Fraedrich
Jessica Barrett
Caleb Schank
Kirk Schuessler
Raul Aguallo
Brian Lore
Chris Bivens
Philip Yetter
Lashae Ehler
Danial Grumbles
Joseph Nichols
Hunter Maglitto

Andrew Smith

Hunter Maglitto
Andrew Lawson
Adrian Plasencio
Paul Reisig
Charles Bollin
Heather Neideffer
Jacob Weatherman
Krea Hannaford
Timothy Newman
Ray Richards
Jonah Biernacki
Timothy Milton
Darrell Vance

Timothy Newman

Lorraine Greenwalt
Andrew Lehr
Bill Allen
John Learned
Hannah Blackburn
Michael Joseph Phelps
Anthony Krajewski
Cheryl Clause
Justin Houstoun
Daniel Hubbs
Janet Lore
James Pockel
Brandi Ehler

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